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Caesar's Cottage / Marketing CGI

Hale/Brown Architecture / Surrey

Prestigious Surrey Mansion

Hale/Brown Architecture, working with Surrey-based developer Aspire LLP, market some of the most prestigious developments in the country. We’ve worked together for years, consistently delivering a high-end product which has placed Aspire’s brand image at the forefront of the luxury residential industry. This set of CGIs generated immediate interest, allowing the development to be sold off-plan within weeks of going to market.

Ultra-High Resolution for Print

Sanders Studios in fact refined and re-rendered the front elevation CGI at 11,000 pixels wide in order to use it on a 2m wide printed exhibition banner for our stand at the Luxury Property show in 2014. Onlookers, assuming this was a printed photo, were baffled when we explained how this was computer generated – a compliment of the highest order a company within our industry can receive.