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Canopy Walkway / Creative Artwork

Gendall Design / The Eden Project

Environment Creation



In collaboration with Gendall Design, Sanders Studios were delighted to create the poster artwork that introduced the Eden Project’s new Rainforest Canopy Walkway in their recently launched Weather Maker exhibit.


“The Rainforest Canopy Walkway offers breathtaking views across the Biome, and helps explain the importance of rainforests. The new Weather Maker section is now open and includes a rope bridge, a cloud bridge and an immersive exhibit where you can shelter from tropical rain storms.”

Located just across the courtyard from us in Maritime House, Gendall approached us with a concept to create a lush, green environment full of wonder – in-keeping with the world-renowned Eden Project’s unique appeal. An exercise in Post Production, we focused on creating great image depth, rich plant life and an exciting atmosphere throughout – with elements such as natural light caustics through the biome and meticulously illustrated mist replicating a realistic rainforest environment.

The artwork went on to be displayed around Cornwall and we managed to pop over to the Eden Project to get a quick snap of their entrance walkway display!