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ALPHABETA / Architectural Visualisation

Studio RHE / Finsbury Square, London

Creative Spatial Reconfiguration

Sanders Studios put together a set of carefully art directed, vibrant and illustrative CGIs depicting Studio RHE’s adventurous ‘ALPHABETA’ proposal in Finsbury Square, London.

Wallpaper* Magazine

“Alphabeta is the newest architectural expression of the ‘New Economy’.

A fusion of the landmark architecture of the modern corporate HQ with the small office cluster and associated chill-out zones, roof-top bars, lofty atriums and general creative vibe.”

Ramping Up

Our brief was to underpin every space with a sense of excitement and life. A vibrant colour palette and striking architectural detailing made for a perfect base on which to build a captivating narrative.


The space also contains London’s first ever ‘cycle-in office’!

Architectural Detailing

The office interiors, designed to achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREAM Rating, offer exciting architectural details. Layers of corporate fit‐out have been torn back to reveal finely detailed plaster cornices, ornate cast iron columns and riveted steel beams.


Interactive 360s

A simple yet incredibly effective way to explore the sheer amount of detailing and depth throughout The Alphabeta.