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Langton Priory / CGI, Animation & Branding

Newcourt Residential / Guildford

Blending Modernity and History

Nestled in a quiet enclave just a short stroll from the desirable town of Guildford sits Langton Priory, a stunning new development of just 12 luxury apartments. The execution of the interior visualisations had to reflect the the meticulous attention to bespoke detail and high-end features that exemplified this exquisite proposal. Sanders Studios modeled everything from scratch, allowing complete creative control of all the scene elements from concept to completion.

Off-Plan Marketing and Sales

Our set of high-end visualisations acted as the main imagery focus throughout the bespoke brochure created to market the development. They allowed target audiences to see photoreal depictions of the spaces they could envisage themselves living in, ultimately providing Newcourt Residential with an invaluable off-plan marketing tool.

Short Interior Film

After completion of the still artworks, we put together a short interior animation composed of ‘cinemagraphs’. A cinemagraph is the animation of carefully selected elements that repeat within a still scene – steam rising from a coffee or trees blowing in the wind for example. The subtlety of this type of animation seduces and immerses the viewer, allowing an elegant and photoreal exploration of the beautiful interior features.

Marketing Brochure Design

In addition to the imagery and animation, Sanders Studios created an in-house marketing brochure proposal. The intention behind the logo, material and graphic studies were to communicate the sense of prestige that the dwellings themselves embodied.