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Mersey Observatory / Architectural Visualisation

Duggan Morris Architects / Crosby

A Viewing Platform for the River Mersey

Duggan Morris Architects were one of five shortlisted practices from 92 entries in a competition to design a new observatory in Crosby overlooking the River Mersey. Sanders Studios delivered a set of striking visuals to support their proposal.


The Observation Tower – ‘the Lamp’ – is intended as a dramatic structure breaking the horizontal plane of the table top. The structure, a series of rotating ellipses which slowly diminish in size as one ascends the building, is wrapped in gauze-like skin, which reveals the internal structural logic as one nears.

Photoluminescent Material

When viewed from the landscape, the observation decks will glow like a giant table lamp at night. The skin is intended as a photoluminescent material thus enabling it to glow without the need for artificial lighting. In this way the building becomes seasonal responding to the quantity of light available and stored throughout the year.