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Property Marketing & Communication

CGI, Animation and Branding

Selling a Lifestyle

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, standing out is essential. We value the importance of quality and execution, looking to go one step further in our work to compel a target audience to not just buy into a property, but a lifestyle.


Working alongside some of the world’s leading property developers and marketing agencies, we’ve established an excellent track record for delivering highly effective marketing material. Whether it be a single small residence or a complex mixed-use development, the primary intent is to create an image that generates excitement and evokes desire, ultimately helping to sell the proposal off-plan.

“Sanders Studios has really helped us showcase this exceptionally beautiful development, showing professionalism and attention to detail from the outset.  They have far surpassed our expectations in producing high quality images, interior animations and an external film of the development. All work was delivered to an outstanding quality and has become an invaluable marketing tool.

To date (within 3 months) we have already sold over 50% of the apartments ‘off plan’!”

Becky Brown

Marketing Manager, McCarthy & Stone