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360 Tours | Virtual Reality | Unreal Engine

Sanders Studios create cutting edge virtual worlds that help property developers, interior and yacht designers create, present and sell the most complex ideas in realtime. Our background in photorealistic visualisation, combined with the latest in Virtual Reality (VR) technology, ensures that our virtual presentations push the boundaries of both realism and interactivity. Whether it be a simpleĀ 360 interior tour or a fully immersive experience with complex interactions, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading material for discerning developers, designers and architects across the globe.

The Birchwood – Residential Property Development

Based on photorealistic property CGIs created for marketing, Sanders Studios went on to develop a photorealistic Virtual Reality (VR) tour. This approach uses a series of interconnected 360 renders – with engaging interactivity such as day-to-night switches and an animated fireplace. Design by Fusion Residential.

Serene – Superyacht VR

Utilising the interior and deck visualisations created for the Serene superyacht, we created an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) 360 tour allowing prospective buyers to explore the stunning superyacht in their own time. A gradual day-to-night-loop adds a sense of drama and lifestyle to the presentation.

The Record Store – Unreal Engine VR Experience

A fully immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experienced created in Unreal Engine and installed on-site to allow prospective investors to view a realistic depiction of a proposed interior re-fit. The tour includes advanced interactivity such as floor-plate layout switches, pop-up banners, location and floor teleportation and a guided voiceover narrative. The final product was packaged up in a bespoke app for both Android and Apple, ready to be downloaded and used on any smart device.