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Interior Visualisation

Concept Design | CGI | Animation

We pride ourselves on delivering leading interior CGI visualisations for prime real estate developers, interior designers and marine designers across the globe. With collective backgrounds in architecture, photography and interior design, we understand the intricacies of composition, lighting and how to guide the eye, ultimately delivering visualisations that captivates and inspires.

Interior Concept Design & Visualisation


We’re often approached by clients to assist in the key concept and design stages of interior visualisation projects. We’re passionate about design, and pride ourselves on offering an effective and comprehensive service from initial brief to final presentation.

Interior Styling and Mood Boards

Interior Design | Art Direction

We take the time to understand our clients’ target market which ultimately dictates how the space will be aesthetically styled and dressed. Initial references are shared, refined and then incorporated into detailed mood board options. These include proposed colour palettes and carefully planned FF&E in order to give the space a unique character.

Interior design and visualisation for The Berkeley Group 02

Environment Creation

3D Modelling | Interior Visualisation

By adopting a cinematic approach we set up each scene as a director would their film set. Viewpoints are discussed at the initial stages, however it is not until the space has been created in 3D that we can comprehensively study camera positioning in order to propose and agree upon the best composition.

Interior design and visualisation for The Berkeley Group 01

The End Result

Rendering/Lighting | Post Production

Once the image has been worked up, a final grade is applied in order to push the visual that one step further. The end result is a photo-realistic CGI with a bespoke fit-out that oozes elegance and character, ultimately providing our clients with an invaluable design tool and piece of marketing collateral.

Interior design and visualisation for The Berkeley Group 03