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The FlyZero project is the Aerospace Technology Institute’s (ATI) revolutionary vision for the future of aviation, where a new generation of aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen keeps businesses, cultures, families and nations connected without the carbon footprint.

Working closely with ATI, S/S were tasked with creating the marketing collateral – from photorealistic renders to interactive 360s – for the exciting new zero-carbon aircraft fleet. A big step forwards in aviation innovation, the images have been used globally across multiple news channels and publications.

It was a true privilege to work on cutting edge project and worthy cause in the quest for reducing the global carbon footprint.

In addition to the FlyZero aircraft proposals, ATI are evolving additional aircraft known as the ‘ultra-efficient wideboady and narrowbody’ respectively. We were delighted to be able bring these to life following the FlyZero project. A testement to the strengthening partnership between ATI and Sanders Studios.

FlyZero Aircraft

The ‘Ultra-Efficient’ Range