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Deep Green Subsea

Minesto AS

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Renewable Marine Energy Marketing


Wales | Sweden


Minesto AS


Minesto AS


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Power To Change The Future

Sweden-based pioneering renewable energy developer Minesto approached Sanders Studios to create a series of marketing illustrations and animations presenting ‘Deep Green’, an incredible subsea tidal energy power plant that intends to change the future of renewable energy.


“Deep Green produces electricity from slow tidal and ocean currents in a unique manner. By sweeping a turbine across a large area, at a speed several times the actual speed of the underwater current, Deep Green adds a step up in energy conversion compared to other technologies. As a result, Deep Green is applicable in areas where no other known technology can operate cost-effectively.”

Holyhead Deep

The material we created was both for Minesto’s general branding/marketing and more specifically to support their launch at Holyhead in Wales; marking the start of the industrialisation of the ‘first low-velocity tidal energy project in the world’.


“The vision of the Holyhead Deep project is to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, making Wales and the UK a global leader of a sustainable future.”

This vision is gaining considerable ground speed and Minesto has just confirmed that it will increase the capacity of its tidal energy array at Holyhead Deep to 80 MW. This is fantastic news for the renewable energy sector and an important step in the right direction to a green future.

“We are very pleased working with Sanders Studios and how they have approached the project in a very professional, attentive and creative manner.

Our new illustrations and animation have really boosted our communications with instant brand values created both in our external activities and internally within the organisation.”

Magnus Matsson

Communications Manager, Minesto