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King's Cross

Argent LLP

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Retail Property Marketing


King’s Cross, London


Eric Parry Architects | Argent LLP


Argent LLP


Marketing CGIs


Brochures | Hoarding | Microsite | Digital

Since 2001, Argent has planned, managed and delivered the regeneration of King’s Cross. Looking to reignite the retail potential of The Tapestry building and Four Pancras Square, Argent approach Sanders Studios to spark their wonderfully creative, brand-led ideas into life. Working closely with the design team, we produced a set of marketing CGIs that took on a very specific and exciting narrative, communicating a vibrant brand image for the proposal.

Highly detailed axonometric and cut-away illustrations accompanied the marketing CGIs to further showcase the impressive architectural structure and space potential for retail investors.

The aim was to communicate a sense of excitement and vibrancy, whilst showcasing the massive retail potential of the spaces in order to attract retail agents and investors. A theme of ‘high-end but not exclusive’ ran throughout the spaces, from the boutique café to the elegant deli and sophisticated restaurant.