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Superyacht Visualisation


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Superyacht Visualisation








CGI | Animation | Interior Design | VR


Client Presentation & Design Communication

Sanders Studios has built a reputation for delivering leading superyacht visualisation, animation and interactive content for some of the world’s top designers and production outfits.

With backgrounds in photography, product and design, we understand the importance of balancing technical knowledge with creative flair. Each scene is carefully art directed including selection of tailored backdrops, scene dressings and curated narratives in order to promote a desirable luxury lifestyle.

A design-led approach from sketches to camera tests allowed us to achieve photographic compositions and fully showcase exquisite designs.

We work closely with our clients’ design and marketing departments, and always tailor a project team to suit the specific project needs. This allows an agile, quick and responsive workflow which is crucial to achieving the best possible results in such a fast-paced industry.

360 Virtual Reality Tours can be hugely helpful for client presentations, particularly when presenting remotely. Whether on a headset, desktop or mobile device, VR can add another level of engagement to fully immerse the client within their space.