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West End

Innova Ventures

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West End Atlanta, Georgia


Innova Ventures




Branding, Renderings & Site Plan


Print and Digital Media

S/S are very excited to be working with Innova Ventures to help bring their fantastic gastro-distillery proposal ‘West End’ to life. Based in Atlanta’s buzzing West End at the MET Atlanta, the dynamic development boasts; a spacious outdoor courtyard with live-music stage, a music/media pod, multiple eateries and bars, and a distillery – presenting a true destination from dawn till dusk.

We were tasked with bringing the exciting brand ethos and early inspiration for the proposal to life through immersive virtual renderings and plans that take the viewer on a journey throughout the destination. Considered art direction, engaging image themes and  unique elements helped curate the messaging Innova Venture wanted to communicate and deliver a truly eye-catching proposal.