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Wynwood Park

DWNTWN Realty & ASG Equities

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Placemaking and Retail Marketing


Wynwood, Miami




DWNTWN Realty & ASG Equities


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A neighbourhood exploding with art, restaurants, bars and shops, Wynwood will now benefit from an acre of adaptive re-use retail coupled with an acre of open park space; providing somewhat of an escape from the urban hustle and bustle of Miami. With a clear theme, we helped develop the art direction of Wynwood Park in order to communicate the wonderfully colourful, vibrant proposal, whilst tipping the cap to the neighbourhood’s historic ‘pop-art’ culture.

The graffiti styling was a lot of fun. Carefully planned using reference material and art local to Wynwood each illustration is unique, reflecting the ‘one of a kind’ artistic culture and colour palette of the neighbourhood.

"A sense of WONDERMENT,

a sense of PLACE."