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Working with Ultramed has provided us with a fascinating insight to the healthcare sector. Creating and controlling their entire brand story allowed us free rein with creativity and, coming from a non-medical background, we approached the campaign from a fresh perspective.

The Ultramed branding campaign was effectively a ‘blank canvas’, so first port of call was to establish the correct tone and brand image. This is sometimes more challenging than building on an existing brand story. The company clearly possessed ambitious and innovative aspirations so we worked very closely with the founder to cement a name that promoted a sense of confidence, safety and forward thinking. After much exploration, ‘Ultramed’ was born…

Once the company was formalised, we set about developing a strong visual language, product aesthetic and subsequent marketing collateral. The driving ethos was to create a unique visual brand identity that inspired and stood out from the crowd, it became apparent that a lot of healthcare services were lagging behind other market sectors.

The company’s debut product ‘MyPreop’ subsequently went on to win an award for ‘Most Creative Use of Design’ and was awarded most innovative product in the Medilink South West awards. Ultramed is currently storming along at quite a rate and we are proud to be directly involved in its success.


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