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We love what we do and where we do it. We’re lucky enough to be based in beautiful Cornwall yet work with incredible clients across the world. In this month’s edition of Business Cornwall Our Head of Communications Josh shares his thoughts on the work life balance the county has to offer businesses with global ambitions! 


“When we walk to work it’s along the seafront. The fresh coastal air is invigorating and the landscapes breath-taking. In the studio, a mere glance a little to the right of our screens reveals Falmouth harbour and we can stroll to the beach for lunch. Yet we work with international superyacht designers, property developers in Miami, architects in Oslo and aviation giants in Nevada.

It goes without saying that it’s no longer critical to be based in a big city in order to compete on the world’s business stage, but Cornwall can still often be overlooked. It can be taken for granted by people that live and work here and dismissed by those blinded by the lure of the big city. Yet Cornwall is quickly shedding its ‘dreckly’ stereotype and firmly cementing itself as a global business player. One need only glance over the latest press release from Spaceport Cornwall to understand the incredible impact our tiny county can have on the world.

Cornwall is arguably fast becoming Europe’s ‘Silicon Valley’. A world-leading superfast broadband network, coupled with one of the highest growth clusters in the tech industry, allows Cornwall-based businesses to be worldwide digital leaders. We’re lucky enough to call Falmouth Town our HQ yet can work anywhere in the world. We certainly have the ‘big city’ working ethos and global talent of the London heavyweights, but instead of an hour-long tube ride at the end of the day we can be at the beach in 5 minutes. The escapism Cornwall has to offer coupled with its unquestionable business potential creates the perfect platform to get the most out of work and life, something everyone strives for. Happy bees make sweet honey, and here we have the headspace to focus on producing incredible work rather than stress about the daily commute. In fact, this work/life balance appeal has allowed us to attract some incredible global talent to our small corner of the world. We have artists from Greece, Lithuania, Italy and Australia all thriving in the Cornish environment. And with the recent introduction of 4 flights per day from Newquay to Heathrow, Cornwall’s door has well and truly been opened to a physical global network that could soon rival its digital one.

Combine all these factors and businesses can thrive. In fact, we take direct inspiration from the Cornish lifestyle and translate this into our work’s USP. Our arena is property marketing, more specifically using the power of CGI, animation and immersive tech to bring unbuilt visions to life. Our clients want to sell a dream, communicate a lifestyle, and that’s where we shine. Everyone is online, connected, and the digital world is an ever-evolving beast that demands our attention 24-7. If you don’t evolve or adapt you disappear, so it’s more critical than ever to be different and innovative. In Cornwall, you can. It hosts a flourishing community of creative businesses able to glean inspiration from the region’s landscape, culture and community. We’ve fully embraced the flexibility that Cornwall’s connectivity and burgeoning business notoriety permit and do so without sacrificing any of our global ambition. In fact, we can thrive on the world stage.”